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I'm not sure I like my dress

I purchased a pronovias wedding gown back in June for my wedding this June. The more I think about it the more I'm worried that I really dont like it. I almost feel like I purchased it too quickly and didnt really take my time. Any suggestions of what I should do?

Re: I'm not sure I like my dress

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    I feel for you, because I know the feeling.  I think I purchased mine too quickly too, and that it was a departure from what  I really wanted.  A lot of forums will tell you to just go get another dress, but for most people that's not practical because they aren't exactly chump change.  What you may do is what I did...try to accesorize with things that really feel like you.  The veil, the flowers, a bolero... all these elements factor in to the over all look. 
    Also, just remember that when you decided to purchase, it was for a reason.  It either looked good or you felt good (or both).  I think as brides we often put too much pressure on the success or failure of the wedding being on the dress.  Try to remember that you are getting to marry the man of your dreams no matter what you're wearing.
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    Do you actually have the dress yet? Because if you don't, it's very likely that the moment you try it on, you will fall in love with it all over again.  It's very common to have second thoughts while waiting for the dress to actually come in.

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