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Dress Problem / Venting

My dress arrived in the mail today. I was so excited, and I opened the package and pulled it out and immediately knew something was wrong. It just.. It looked wrong. I tried it on and immediately went into tears. This was absolutely not my dress, not the one in the picture, not the one I tried on in stores.

I don't know how they managed to have it so wrong, but it was. I expected a few minor details to be off, but this was an abnormal amount. It wasn't just a slightly different pattern, this was a huge seamstress gaffe! The 4" of frill was suddenly more like 8", it interrupted the boning (which it shouldn't do!) There was no way to fix it, I'm sure. Had I taken it to a tailor, I'm sure they would tell me in order to fix it they'd shorten the dress too much.

I've requested a return form and I'm sending my dress back for a refund, but I can't help but feel so depressed. I've been anxiously waiting since the day I placed my order with the vision of that beautiful dress I tried on. :c

Sorry, I just wanted to vent. After posting on my Facebook that I was in tears over my dress a few people called, but the trouble with that is you spend more time reassuring everyone else to be calm and everything is okay that it isn't really helping yourself. I can to convince my sister it wasn't her fault and it was okay, and another that I didn't want to go to a tailor despite her raving recommendation. I appreciate it, I did, but I wanted to be the one still in tears.

So, there it is. :') A vent for myself, without having to worry about making anyone else upset. I do feel a lot better.
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