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Im going to pull my hair out, please help

I have two groomsmen in my wedding, plus my husband to be.  I made the mistake of telling one of the groomsmen to go ahead and order the totally awesome vintage mens dress vest.  I figured it would be no problem to find two other vests just like it, or at least similar.  But that is not the case.  I have been tooling around the internet now for weeks trying to find two vests that are close to the original.  Im totally ok with all three vests being different in color, as long as they fall in the brown hues.  We are not doing traditional tux's or suits.  Very casual, dress pants with the dress shirt, and the vest.  Is anybody else doing the vest thing for the men?  WHERE DID YOU FIND THEM????
I need two XL brown, 5 button up dress vests for my groomsmen.  Not the shiny kind that goes under a tux jacket.  Like this:

Re: Im going to pull my hair out, please help

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