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When should I buy a dress?

I have only been enaged for about 1 week, yay! I've been eyeing a Maggie Sottero dress for some time now and since I am engaged and just received a nice chunk of change from a previous employer, I really want to put a down payment on a gown. But we are not getting married for about 2 years, 2014, we want to get a house first. Is this a good idea to buy a dress now? Or should I wait?

Re: When should I buy a dress?

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    Have you tried the dress on yet?  Have you tried any other dresses on?

    A lot of times dresses look different in person (and on real women) than they do on models in magazines.   A lot of brides think they know what they want, then go and try it on, and realize that they don't like they way it looks on them, and often they end up getting something completely different from what they imagined.

    Another common problem is that brides fall in love with and buy one dress early on, then end up falling in love with a second dress later on.  This obviously puts them in a tough position to decide if they want to keep the first dress, or try to sel it and get some money back so they can get the second dress.

    So, I highly recommend you try dresses on before you commit to buying anything.  Go dress shopping and enjoy the experience, and try on different styles because you might just be surprised what you like and what looks good on you.   And if you do try on a dress, fall in love, and buy it, PLEASE stop looking at dresses!!   
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    I would wait till you are about a year out, maybe 18 months at the most.

    You really dont want dress regret,and 2014 is a ways off. Get your budget, guest list and venue together, this will give you a clue to what kind of dress you should look for.
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    kd makes a good point -- your venue and the style of your wedding will dictate what kind of dress you look for.  A dress that works for an upscale evening gala will look a little silly on the beach or in a garden, and vice versa.  You'll also want to assess your overall wedding budget and see how the dress, alterations, shoes, and accessories fit into that.  So definitely wait until you have these things sorted out before you buy anything!
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    I'm thinking May 2014 and it will most likely be a church wedding but I am still trying to convince my fiancee into an outside wedding. I'm going to try and forget about wedding plans for a while. I will start in about 1 year or so, which would be August of 2013.

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    I would start saving money and perhaps looking at styles you like, but not actually shop yet. If you read posts around here, yoiu will see a theme of people not sure if they still like their dress, some of which come from people who buy too soon. Take your time, but start saving money so it works out that you can get the dress of your dreams when the time comes
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    Wait until 18 months out. You might change your mind.
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    i recommend waiting.  I know how exciting it is to dress shop and fall in love with a dress. but i would wait til close to 6 months out if i could redo it.   you may change your vision of what you want your dress to look like if you get one this much ahead of time.

    and DEFINITELY once you have bought a dress, don't look at any others.  & yes this does include watching Say Yes to the this was a problem I had.  Seeing a bunch of dresses after purchasing can make you rethink your dress....and that is just stress that no bride needs.
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