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1st day dress shopping and I'm so discouraged

My mom is visiting from out of town so we made an appointment at a more posh local bridal shop to check out dresses. The sales lady told me that she had pulled me only size 16 dresses to try on which I was very encouraged by! The first dress I went to put on made it over my boobs before I realized it was in no way a 16. It was in fact an 8, got stuck half way on me and literally took 5 minutes for my mom to pull me out of it. I never been so embarrassed. I just had a baby 3 months ago and gained 50 lbs so Im still getting use to me new body and already very self conscience, this did not help.

We then headed to Davids Bridal where, after trying on 31 dresses I hated I came across one that was just what I was looking for. There are only a few minor changes I would like to have made but since its Davids Bridal they wont do it. I'm new to this whole dress game and after today I dont want to continue! I need some words of advice ladies, how did you get through your discouraging dress search (if you had one of course)?

Re: 1st day dress shopping and I'm so discouraged

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    Don't give up!  Did you take pictures of the dress that you liked at David's Bridal?  If not go back...they are camera friendly....try it on again and take a picture.  Then I would recomend going to some other stores with that picture and asking if they have something similar but with the changes that you wanted.  There are tons of stores you can go to :) Don't let one day of not find your dream dress get you down.  Don't settle for a dress you aren't 100% in love with.

    I know how you feel, I am a plus size girl too!  I ordered my dress at 14W....I am determined to loose weight though! lol already lost 10...I'm hoping they will have to take it in to a 12 :) Also don't let those sample dress get you down!  Most are a size 10...which in reality is a size 7 or 8 lol Stay positive!

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  • I ended up at about 4 stores before I found my dress, so don't worry, a lot of us rarely find our dress the first time around. Instead of evaluating an entire dress, start picking specific likes and dislikes of the dresses you try on. That way, you can start seeing which features are most flattering so you can tell your dress consultant exactly what you're looking for and what will be most comfortable and flattering. I've found that corset back a-line dresses with ruching were the most flattering for me. I hope you aren't too discouraged. I am a street size 10 and ended up purchasing a dress size 14, so wedding dress sizes are just not very numerically friendly.
  • Don't give up. Take a break from it and then try again. You will find your dream dress.

    My Mom and I went to about 3 different shops in one day, and that was quite a bit. We were both so exhausted afterwards. I wear about a 5 in jeans and my wedding dress ended up being a size 8. I was shocked at first, even though I had read that wedding dresses do run small. So definitely don't be too concerned with the size.

    If you liked the dress at DB, why don't you go back and re-try it on? If you like it, but want to have some minor changes (ie: straps added, etc) any reputable seamstress should be able to do that for you. I know DB only does minor/basic alterations and things.

    Good luck and don't give up.
  • I went to almost every store within 20 miles of where I live. I even drove to the next state to see a dress. I didn't find my dress untill the fourth or fifth time I went to David's. they were just getting ready to release the new styles and the sales guy pulled one from te backroom that I wasn't supposed to see for a few more days. I went to some of the stores two or three times. I tried well over 100 dresses. Your dress is out there, don't be discouraged, just find another shop and keep on trying.
  • you can have someone else make the changes to the davids dress, they are ridiculously pricy for alterations anyway, don't be afraid to take that dress somewhere else! and I'm so sorry you shopping experience wasn't more fun!
  • I agree that you should take a break from shopping for a few weeks.  Wedding dress shopping is as bad as jeans shopping or maybe worse because of all the emotions that go along with it!

    As PPs suggested, take the picture around to other stores to see if they have similar dresses.  They may be able to make the changes you want or even have dresses that already incorporate those details.  You could even take your dress to a reputable seamstress in your area (get recs from your local board) and see if they can make the changes you want.  I didn't know DB was so strict about alterations.
  • I've always been warned never to have alterations done at David's anyway, because their alterations department isn't the most reliable.  I didnt' buy there, though, so I can't speak from experience. 

    If the David's dress is as close to what you want, purchase that one and take it to a reputable seamstress (your local board can help you find one) and get the changes done there. 

    Good luck, and don't get down.  It'll take time, but you'll know it when you find it!


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  • Ignore the size numbers on the dresses completely. They don't mean much compared to normal cothes.   I'm a size four at David's and street clothes but ended up ordering a size 10 based on the brand and my hip measurements.
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