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Wedding Bands: What Did You Choose? Diamond or Plain?

I was wondering what other brides where doing for their wedding bands: diamond or plain and why. I really like the look of the diamond band but the practicality of a plain one. What did you decide?

Re: Wedding Bands: What Did You Choose? Diamond or Plain?

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    I chose a diamond band because I love how it looks and it matches my e-ring perfectly.
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    Diamond band, but I also have my grandmothers wedding ring that is a simple band. I'm going to get married with both of them, then I may switch out which ring I choose. They're both very slim rings, and one of the jewelers I spoke to said that 2 matching slim bands - 1 on either side of your E ring - is popular. We couldn't afford that, but I like having one new and beautiful, and one plane from my grandmother. 
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    I also chose a diamond band with princess cut diamonds to match my e-ring.
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    I chose a diamond band with round diamonds in a channel setting to match my engagement ring. The band also has etchings on the outside like my ring does.
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    Diamond band, sort of semi-etermity.  But I *LOVE* diamonds, so any excuse to buy more is good for me!
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    Diamond. I was debating, for cost reasons. uUt my mom was like "Get the diamond one -- if you don't do it now, you'll never do it. You'll wear this forever and you should love it." So we listened to her =)
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    Diamond: both the presence of the stones and the shape of the band (PIB) fit my e-ring better than a plain band could have.
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    A diamond band that matches my e-ring

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    I got a diamond band that matches my e-ring.  When I was trying on plain bands they had a low profile and were hidden my my e-ring.
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    C&p of my answer from below!

    I honestly thought I was going to get a plain band, but ended up with diamonds in mine (PIB).  This was mostly because the wedding band came as a set with the engagement ring, but we had the option of only buying the e-ring.  I knew I would have a hard time finding a plain band that would match up with my ring the way the set one did, so I just went with it. 

    I think my only complaint about a plain band is that the kind I would want (white gold) would probably scratch a lot and drive me nuts, if the bottom of my e-ring is any indication. 
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    I am going to buy my wedding ring today. I was not sure what I wanted but was leaning towards diamonds but then I decided to go plain because:
    - The diamond on my engagement ring is stunningly high quality, and I don't want anything to take away from that.
    - I won't be as worried to wear it on vacation, etc if it does not have diamonds
    - Neither of our parents have diamonds on their rings
    - My fiance is European and it is very unusual to have diamonds on your wedding ring there.
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    I have a simple, emerald cut solitaire; I didn't want anything to detract from the diamond & thought I'd get a plain band.

    I found a slim, all-baguette eternity band that complemented the e-ring AND looked nice alone.

    It may not be the most practical (ask about things like sizing a ring you choose) but I'm happy with the decision. Ask questions, make an informed decision and go with something you ultimately love!
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    I've got a diamond band.  It came as a set with my engagement ring, and has small prong setdiamonds about 1/2 way around it that perfectly match my ring.  I love how it looks, and the diamonds are tiny enough that it doesn't overwhelm my engagement ring.
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    I got a plain band, but now i'm thinking maybe getting a different band sometime (we don't have much money, we are paying for the wedding y ourselves and are 21 and 22), so we'll see how I like it when its all together.
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    Mine has no diamonds, but is unique, my ering has some scrollwork type cutouts in the side of the band and the wedding band will have the same cutouts to match but be smooth on top, which I like cuz my ering has a row of little diamonds across the part that shows on each side of the center stone, I feel like having it be smooth but still unique is more elegant and youthful.
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    Well, I'm definitely in the minority here, but I love our plain gold bands!

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    diamond eternity band that matches my e-ring
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