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help me find this dress

hey i was wondering if any one can help me find this dress!

Re: help me find this dress

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    It's beautiful......maybe look at Private Label by G.  It kind of looks like one of theirs.  Good luck!
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    where did you find the pictures?
     Maybe i can find some clues for you.Smile
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    I did a reverse image search and came up with Demetrios Bridal but wasn't able to find the actual image itself.  Maybe that will be a start? Sorry I couldn't help more!
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    i just googled wedding dresses like a year ago and pictures came up... i was not on any website and that is the problem i am running into! I have found similar dresses but all the ones i have found either have lace all over the top part or the beading is not the same!! lol
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    thank you so much!! I will start with them!!
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