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Help! I can't find a wedding band! Need Advice!!!

Ok, maybe I messed up when I fell in love with my engagement ring. My engagement ring that came all by itself, not as a set. Now I'm having trouble finding a band to match it. It's got a beautiful "hurricane swirl" to it and every jewelry store I've been to looks at me like I'm crazy. This is a blurry picture but it's helpful for seeing the lines of the ring.

I'm trying to find one of those rings that have a small piece of metal in the middle that will fit right into my engagement ring, but I'm having trouble finding one of those that don't come in a set.

I'm about to tear my hair out. Please help! Yell

Re: Help! I can't find a wedding band! Need Advice!!!

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    I'd go to a jeweler, they may be able to special order. That picture is really small though, I can't see it at all.
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    Talk to some jewelers about custom making something as well.  I got lucky with my e-ring and it's our local town jewelry store.  They are custom making my band for about the same price to buy a band that's similar.  If you have one custom made, make sure to check prices because some customizations can cost a ridiculous amount.  But if you get one custom, you'll at least get exactly what you want.  GL!
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    Is the hook thing so they don't slide around? If that's your goal you could consider having the two rings soldered together.
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    While my fiance and I were at the jewelers to pick up my brand new engagment ring after it had been resized, the jeweler asked if we had thought about wedding bands. we had of course but had NO FRIGGIN' clue what or where we were going to buy them, as my cutie pie bought the ring from a friend.

    The jeweler pulled out some ideas that he thought might work and things we might like. Chris asked if we bought both wedding bands that day if the guy would throw in a 10% discount and the guy agreed! We walked out with both our bands and something that would go well with my antique looking engagment ring.

    ASK the jeweler! avoid the mall ones or chain jewelery stores though....Find someone who knows their stuff, and I'm pretty sure you can get something that will go beautifully with your wonderful ring!
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