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Dress Needed! - David's Bridal WG3029

Hey Knotties!

I'm recently engaged and have started the overwhelming process of looking for a dress. I found one at David's Bridal (style wg3029) that I REALLY like, but before I pay full price for it, I thought I'd see if anyone has a size 6 or 8 of that style that they're looking to sell. I'm on a tight budget for this wedding and always looking for a bargain! :)

Re: Dress Needed! - David's Bridal WG3029

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    Do you still have this dress available?  If so do you have pics you could post?

    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:eab2dd6c-9f40-48a3-9d2c-c10b9a752597Post:b10fd951-ebae-4d17-a2f2-724e97409cd2">Re: Dress Needed! - David's Bridal WG3029</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hello! I have a dress that is very similar to this, but a Sottero Midgley dress. I initially wanted this dress as well but have heard too many horror stories about DB, I did not feel comfortable there and wanted to search elsewhere). It is a size 6. I would be willing to sell it after my June 2012 wedding, when is your wedding? I can send you more information and pictures, if you would like as well and if the timeframe works out! Let me know or you can email me at with your address and I can send it over :)
    Posted by hsmith789[/QUOTE]
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