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Totally torn...need input!

Hi Everybody!!

Here's my dilemma...I bought a gorgeous gown back in 2006 when I was stationed in S. Korea...I'm now getting married on July 4th of this year. My problem is I still have the gown from Korea that is absolutely beautiful, but I've also fallen in love with the vision of getting a tea-length dress and wearing red heels and a birdcage veil.

I don't fit into the gown as it is now, so have an appointment next Saturday to see if alterations can be made for me to fit it again. (I was injured and because of the injury have put on some extra weight.)

The wedding will be late morning/early afternoon with a luncheon to follow, the attire is casual and I'm going for a real homey feel for the wedding. So then I think that the gown I already own may be too fancy for the style of the wedding.

What do you all think?? Here's a picture of the gown I already own.

Re: Totally torn...need input!

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    The top of the dress you have seems like it would go nicely with the birdcage and red heels to me. . . since you already have plans to get the dress altered, what about seeing if they can make this one tea length?  Then you'd have the best of both worlds!  With that being said, I know nothing about alterations, whether it would be feasible, or how much it might cost you.
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    Wow! What a fantastic idea!!! I'll consider that, Thank you so very much! I'll ask the seamstress that when I go see her on Saturday! That could make the gown seem less formal as well!
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    I think it would be cute as tea length as well - maybe in keeping with the style of the top of the dress - they could do a "scalloped hem line" - it would be really pretty.  Red heels and a bird cage veil would look amazing :)
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    @timsflower & @edielaura:

    Thank you so very much!! I would have never thought of doing it this way! I love it!!! You ladies are so encouraging!! I couldn't thank you enough for your input!
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    I think your dress would make a gorgeous tea length dress. Talk to your seamstress and see what she can do!
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