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shapewear recommendations

I am looking for a good brand of shapewear that will cinch and smooth my stomach. I am not necessarily looking for one with a bra built into it (plan on just sewing cups into my dress), but it definitely can't have straps.

I'm assuming that the hook & eye gives a tighter hold than the kind you step into - has anyone found otherwise?

If it's worth mentioning too, i am a regular size - not looking for petite or plus.

any ideas would be much appreciated - thanks!

Re: shapewear recommendations

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    Spanx.  All the way.  They're comfy, not too restricting but still manage to suck it all in.  I wear them on a daily basis most days and love them.  They make higher ones (that come to just below your bust line) and they keep it all in line.  They're sort of pricey ($70 or so) but worth every penny.  They don't roll down like some of the other brands and they don't pinch or hurt!

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    Another vote for Spanx!

    I have one that goes up to just below my bra and goes down to about biker shorts length.  It smooths absolutely everything out, and I love wearing it under dresses.
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    I'm looking for something as well, but more for keeping my legs cool under my dress. I'm afraid I'm going to be super hot all night and my thigs will get all gross! My thighs rub together and it's super annoying :(
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    Spanx, Spanx, Spanx....

    There are other brands (barely there, department stores) but if you cannot have straps I would do the Spanx.  The other brands for me personally work just fine because I use the body suits and have straps so no worries about rolling.  If no straps, Spanx for no rolling.  Trust us!
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    Ditto Spanx.

    The cheaper option (also made by Spanx) is called Assets.  Slightly lower quality but about half the price.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, lengths, with the top, just the bottoms, bodysuits, thighshapers, everything.
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    Spanx are awesome! I have a couple pairs and love them under dresses. Has anyone worn Spanx to try on wedding dresses or just for their wedding?
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