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Did anyone see or order your lace dress in white white/Pronovias dress in optical white?

I just ordered my Pronovias lace dress in the optical white color and am a little nervous because it seems that most people order ivory. The store also only carried the ivory dresses (they said that it's partly because everyone knows what white looks like but ivory can vary from dress to dress) so I didn't get to see my dress in optical white.

I have always wanted a white dress; also I have very dark hair and eyes and fairly light skin and think I like white dresses best on me. I also already had a matching bolero in white white which limited my choice...although I didn't quite like how the ivory color looked in the photos we took in the store anyways. Did anyone else order your lace dress in white or Pronovias in Optical white? Also, if anyone has pictures of their lace dress in white white or especially Pronovias dress in optical white PLEASE share if you don't mind! It would make me feel better :)

Re: Did anyone see or order your lace dress in white white/Pronovias dress in optical white?

  • Hi! I ordered the Galante from Pronovias in Optical White and was also a bit hesitant thinking of how white it would be since most people order the "Off White". But as soon as I got my dress I was in love all over again. It's what people would describe as "blinding white", but in a good way. If you have fair/light skin, I don't think the Optical White will pose a problem, since I'm more on the olive/medium/tan skin tone range and that means the color is most noticeable, but I still love it. And if you want me to be very honest, I understand that we can freak out with details during this process, but the color of your dress won't determine how awesome or fantastic you'll look that day. I know you will COMPLETELY ROCK YOUR DRESS, as I will too! 

    P.S. I'll try to get a picture posted so you can see how it looks like in natural light.... Wink
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