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support for strapless gown, large bust issues

hi i have my heart set on a strapless gown with a tulle, ballerina/ankle length skirt or tea length skirt. BUT i am concerned about support for my bust b/c i am a 36DDD. any advice on what and where i can find appropriate garments??

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Re: support for strapless gown, large bust issues

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    I would look at dresses first and try to find a dress with a lot of internal support. The bridal dress consultants can generally recommend the best bras for the dress. I know a lot of ladies buy the longline bras at David's Bridal.
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    Have you thought about a dress with a corset back?  i'm a 36DD, and trust me, those girls are going nowhere in the corset back.

    If that's not something you're interested in, like the PP said, look for a dress with internal support, or maybe a long line bra.  I'm not too much help, since I'm going sans bra.
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    I'm a little bigger up top and I wore a strapless dress (non-corset back) and had no problems. I got my bra from Kleinfeld, which is were I got my dress. They also have a pretty big selection of longline bras for bustier girls at
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    My dress has a corset back, and I also got a corset to go under the dress at Agent Provocateur's after X-mas sale.  My seamstress at first was going to sew cups into the dress but when she saw how the corset held me in (and up!) she saw that it was the better way to go.  
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    thanks for all the help/advice, ladies! i found a designer/seamstress in town who actually makes corsets and she sd the dress is no problem for her. sounds like we can put a corset type sturcture in the bodice. :)
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