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shoe dyeing

O.K. ladies, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pink heels for my wedding.  Everytime I find a pair that I love, something ends up not working out (i.e. they don't have my size, they're the wrong heel height, etc.).  I love Nina shoes and was thinking about purchasing a pair of their dyeable heels (because again the Nina heels that I like don't come in what I'm looking for for heel height).  I know that Nina does not dye the shoes and so you have to have them dyed some place on your own.  I must be an idiot or something but I cannot for the life of me find a place that dyes shoes, unless you've bought them through them.  Does anyone know of any chain shoe stores or anything that would do this?  Thanks!
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Re: shoe dyeing

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    You could check at Payless. Did you call your local bridal shops to see if they can help or recommend someone? Mine are being dyed rose pink at David's Bridal but I bought my shoes there, not sure if they will dye outside purchase.

    You should also post this on your local board. GL

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    Thanks for the suggestions :)
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    $15 per pair plus shipping

    I plan to send shoes to them if I end up dying them. I still haven't decided whether to do pink or ivory, though. HTH.
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