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Please help me accessorize my groom and dress my groomsmen

I'm having a beach wedding in May 2011 in the Dominican Republic. My wedding color is fuchsia with light pink and yellow accents.

I am wearing Maggie Sottero Karena with a brown sash. My fiance is wearing a white linen suit from lord & taylor, which looks great with his complexion (he's Spanish and has black hair & olive colored skin).  We are trying to decide what color shirt he should wear. We're thinking white, pale pink, or sand color. What do you suggest? He isn't sure if he should wear a tie. If so, he's thinking of wearing a chocolate tie to match my sash.

The bridesmaids are wearing Alfred Angelo style 7074 fuchsia dresses and the MOH is wearing the same style but in Mocha to match my sash and to make her stand out.

We're thinking of having the groomsmen wear white or sand linen pants, and do not know what color linen shirt they should wear. We're thinking navy blue, pale pink, chocolate or sand colored. What is your opinion? They're not going to wear suits or ties.

Would it look nice if my mother wore a pink dress-maybe coral and if his mother wore either a bright yellow or champagne dress?

Also, I don't think I should wear a veil because it's on the beach and may be windy. Would it look pretty if I style my hair half up and curled? I'm thinking of either having silk stephanotis flowers in my hair or an orchid. What do you recommend? Real  or silk flowers?

Thanks So much!! :)

Re: Please help me accessorize my groom and dress my groomsmen

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    I'd do either a pink or sand shirt to lend some contrast with the suit. Pink sounds better to me, but if it's not his style, go with sand. And I would skip the tie.

    I would stick with light colors on the guys. Of the colors you suggest, sand pants with pale pink shirts sound best, but pale yellow or white shirts could also look really nice.

    Let your mothers wear whatever they want, they don't need to coordinate with the wedding party. It can be so hard to find great dresses for mothers, so don't limit them unnecessarily by picking colors.

    I think that hairstyle sounds great. Silk flowers are usually easier to work with, less expensive, and you don't have to worry about them dying.
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    Let your mom and FMIL pick their own attire, please. Don't over think the colors; it will all look beautiful in the end either way and they are grown women.
    If you are having a beach wedding, I would steer away from dark shirts for the guys. Which color does your FI like best? Which color does he like best for the groomsmen?
    Personally, I would go with the pink or sand or a lighter blue than navy.
    Silk flowers tend to stay looking nice and certain real flowers are going to wilt quickly, especially in heat, so if you go with real, consult a florist about long lasting flowers. Etsy has some beautiful hairpieces that would be pretty for a beach wedding.
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    as far as flowers.... orchids would be great! I think there are some that are fuchsia and yellow... here's a pic I found.

    personally, I don't like a lot of brown during a spring/summer wedding so I wouldn't choose a brown shirt for him. just my opinion. I bet yellow would look fantastic on him from how you described his looks. I would do a fuchsia bout with a brown ribbon.

    I would stick with real flowers, but not have a lot of them. beach weddings are best kept simple.

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    On David's Bridal you can design your own wedding party! It's pretty awesome! I just did it last night because I was struggling to decide on colors.

    You can also do his mother, your mother, fathers, etc! Lol, kind of cheesey, but hey, if it helps!.. :) GL!

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    Definitely use real flowers. Using fake flowers at a beach is real cheesy.
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