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Advice on Black & White Wedding Gown

Hi There! I am having a dress made custom being modeled after a Vera Wang dress. The dress has a prominent sash (we're talking 5-6") at the natural waist. For some reason in my mind I always pictured the sash black, but it's being made ivory, to match the rest of the dress. I have always been drawn to Black and White wedding gowns, and my colors are black, white and Chartreuse. My wedding will have a modern feel to it, and I feel like a black sash would be fitting. What do you think? One of my bridesmaids thought a black sash was a terrible idea. She said, what if you have a daughter some day, or something like that...but I think black and white gowns are pretty common these days...I have tatoos and I think it'd be "hip" But I dunno...I don't want to regret it either. TORN! Help!

Here is the dress my gown is being modeled after in all black and in all ivory...So picture it ivory with black in your head. THANKS!!!!

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