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Navy BM Dresses Clashing?

I just recently changed my wedding colors. I was going to do navy and purple but had a nightmare about them and all my purple BM dresses I liked were not in stock or within budget ANYWHERE, so I changed my colors to navy and hot pink...

The BM dresses will be navy with hot pink flowers... if I had black tuxes for the guys, would this clash? Or should I go for gray suits? Im getting married in February at night so I dont want to do any beige or tan suits...

And if I DID do black suits, how do I incorporate navy in their attire without it clashing?


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Re: Navy BM Dresses Clashing?

  • No, those colors would be fine. You don't necessarily have to put navy on the guys--you could have them in black vests or silver.

    There are some pretty berries and other floral fillers that are sort of a navy blue, though, if you want that in their boutonnierres.
  • The decision is entirely yours to make, and should be one you are comfortable with.   

    Like your wedding, my bridesmaids are also  wearing navy as the wedding colors are navy, white, and yellow (nautical theme). However, since the service is in the afternoon and during the summer, I preferred the look of not having black tuxes, and my fiance and I opted for grey instead.  They men are wearing midnight colored vests underneath.  

    Since yours is an evening wedding, the black or grey would certainly be appropriate.  I've been to weddings where the men wore navy under the black.  

    It's completely your call though.  It's your wedding, so have it your way!  
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  • No, I don't think it would clash at all.  My bridesmaids are wearing navy dresses the guys are wearing black tuxes (with black vests and ties/irovy shirts).  We didn't like the idea of navy suits, and we also tried putting a navy vest with the black tux but liked the look of the black much better.  I think it looks great! 
  • Thank yall! I feel much better about it. At first my mother said gray suits would look better but my fiance is dead set on wearing all black ( to fullfill my Bradley Cooper in the casino in The Hangover fantasy) Hahaha
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