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Silver or Gold Shoes with a Dress?

I've chosen a bridesmaid dress color of Sangria from David's Bridal for my girls, but I can't decide on the shoe color.  I want the girls to wear a cute flat, though.  I'm looking for suggestions on color, as well as shoe.  Send them my way, Ladies!

Re: Silver or Gold Shoes with a Dress?

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    What are you're wedding colors?

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    Don't specify a particular shoe, that's just overkill, and an ill-fitting shoe can actually cause pain.  I think you could just tell them any silver flat and call it a day.
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    i'd probably go with silver...bigger selection
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Silver or Gold Shoes with a Dress?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Don't specify a particular shoe, that's just overkill, and an ill-fitting shoe can actually cause pain.  I think you could just tell them any silver flat and call it a day.
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    This exactly. Everyone's feet are different, and unlike gowns, shoes can't be altered to fit more comfortably.
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    Agree with pp's to let your attendants pick their own shoes in a certain color, see how gold or silver look with your full color scheme and that might help you decide which would work better, either is a good choice so they will have a neutral shoe that they could use again.

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    I am using sangria as well and my girls are all wearing an ivory shoe and I am wearing sangria. they all decided that they loved "Willow" from DB but I agree not to choose a shoe for them! 
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    I say go with silver, but definitely let them choose the actual shoe. This is what I did with my BM's and it worked out well and everyone was happy. For example, my one BM doesn't like open toed shoes, so if I would have said open toed silver shoes, she would not of been very comfortable or happy with me. And one of my girls wore a silver/greyish shoe she already had, which was fine, too.
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    Silver is MUCH easier to find!!!!! 
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    I'm going to go against the grain here and say gold.. I think gold would compliment the sangria much better than silver. I told my BM's to find a gold shoe, and they all ended up getting the same gold shoes from Payless for only $14.00! One of my BM's was an MOH in a wedding yesterday and she wore them again with a wine/sangria colored dress and it looked great. HTH!
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    I agree that gold would look better.  Since Sangria is a warm color, you want a warm metallic to go with it.

    Victorias Secret has a lot of gold shoes on their website, so that might be a good place to look if you or your bridesmaids have trouble finding gold somehwere.
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