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gown worries

I bought my wedding dress about a month and a half ago, a White by Vera Wang gown Style VW351043.  It wasn't at all what I had originally pictured myself loving, but for some reason I couldn't get it out of my head.  I had tried on some other gowns that I though I would like and they didn't wow me.  When I finally got around to trying on this dress I really loved it and so did my family.  I felt so beautiful in it and was surprised by how flattering it was.  The back of the dress just kills me, it's so beautiful.  I didn't want to take it off.  However,  I didn't want to commit because I had only tried on a few dresses but when my consultant told me it was being discontinued I panicked and cried at the thought of not being able to have it.  Well, I took that as a sign that it was the one and bought it.  

I haven't seen it since then and there have been a few times I wondered if I should have waited and now that the new white by vera wang line has been revealed I'm kind of in love with another dress too, one that is more similar to what I had originally had in mind (Style VW351096 in ivory).  

I know that I shouldn't be looking at any other dresses now but I was just curious about her new spring line.  Big mistake.  Now I have a weird feeling that I should have waited.  My family and I can't afford to make a new dress purchase and I don't think I'd want to sell my first dress because I do love it.  I definitely feel a little silly.  I guess I'm just hoping for some reassurance.  Have any of you been through this?   

Thanks for letting me vent.  It's amazing how stressful a dress can be!  :D  

Re: gown worries

  • Here's the thing - there's always going to be another dress, just like there's always going to be another guy - but you stopped with your FI, right?  And you don't need to look for a guy anymore because it doesn't even matter what else is out there, right?  You need to feel the same way about your dress.  Also, don't forget that a picture is just a picture - there's no guarantee the new dress you're looking at will fit you as well or be as flattering on you as the dress you've already chosen.
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  • If you really think you like the new dress more, DB may let you exchange the dress toward the purchase price of the new one.  I've heard that they have done this before.  I don't know if it will work with the special collections though.

    Have you tried on the new dress?  If you do try it on, you may decide that you actually love your dress more.

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  • I like the dress you already bought better but I guess you can always go and see if you even like the other dress on you. Maybe you won't. While you are there you can ask about exchanging.
  • Thanks Ladies,

    You're absolutely right.  There are many dresses that could be "the one," but I do love the dress I bought.  It made me feel beautiful and I was so happy when I had it on.  I can totally see myself marrying my FI in it.  I guess I just needed to get that fear out of my system.  I need to put any other dresses out of my mind and focus on what I love about my dress.  :D  Thanks for the advice and reassurance. 

    Now I can be really excited that I'VE GOT MY DRESS!!! 
  • I love that dress..its amazing!! I looked at it when I went to davids bridal..it was gorgeous on the hanger..but not for my body..the mermaid (VW351043) is to die for..stop worrying...I wasnt able to find the second dress...hmm..I think thats a sign..lol..
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  • Thanks joneka!  I've been looking at the pictures of me in it and I'm finding myself getting excited about it all over again!  :D  Did you end up finding your dress yet? 
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