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Cowboy Boots - Black Dresses - Black Sash On Gown :S

So, I am originally a country girl by heart. My Dress has already been bought and I love it. We bought a black vera wang sash to go around it and I love the color splash. My colors are black and purple. Anyways, the more and more I am planning and making final decisions on things I am coming to a crossroad. I really starting to lean more towards a country wedding versus the more elegant.
I have decided on bridesmaid dresses that are black and well, I have been wanting them in cowboy boots. I don't necessarily think the black dress and cowboy boots would look so bad but what about them having brown cowboy boots and my black sash. It is a completely bad idea. I almost think I should throw out the whole cowboy boot idea.
I also thought about just not having specific colors and go with more browns and neutral colors - bc the bridesmaid dresses come in a ton of different colors. - but then what about my sash?
Please help and tell me what you think!!

Re: Cowboy Boots - Black Dresses - Black Sash On Gown :S

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    I think the black sash you have would be fine.

    Ditto PPs on the cowboy boots - personally it's not something I would ever choose to wear, much less spend money on.  You can have a country wedding without having your BMs in cowboy boots.  I'd ask their opinion on that idea for sure before deciding.
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    I'm not into the whole cowboy/country thing, so even if you were my best best best friend in the world, I would hate, loathe, DESPISE wearing cowboy boots with a dress.

    I also think black/brown looks terrible together in an outfit, and would be particularly dismal for a wedding (no offense).
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    You could buy/make a purple sash for your dress.  Maybe on etsy?  I'm wearing boots with my dress, so I guess I am kind of biased.  

    If they haven't ordered/gotten their dresses yet, they could wear purple.  Just remember if they don't have cowboy boots, you have to buy them since you are requiring they wear them.

    If you don't want a different sash, don't worry about it.  Your boots will be under your dress, so they won't even show.
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    It would be fine if your sash and your BM dresses don't match. I wouldn't worry about that at all!

    As far as boots, I agree that if your BM's are willing to buy/wear them, or if you are going to purchase the boots for them, that's okay. My cousin had a Colorado wedding and wanted everyone to wear boots, but they only wore them during a few pictures and cocktail hour. During the ceremony and reception they wore whatever shoes they wanted.

    Ask your BM's if they want to wear boots - I personally would not want to just because it's not my style, but I don't think the wedding will be ruined if you do have your girls wear them.

    Good luck!
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    I am not a cowgirl by any means, but my best friend is and I was just recently in her wedding (MOH), and I wore black cowboy boots . . . at first I was like oh my this isn't going to look good, but it actually turned out super cute.  And the boots were around $60 from DSW (Madden Girl) ... they come in black and brown and tan and a different color I cant quite figure out.

    She gave us $30 towards boots and a necklace as a gift ... I think that is fine to ask your bridesmaids, after all, they commited to the duty, knowing that there are costs involved!

    PM me and I can get you pictures!!
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    I'm doing the cowboy boots.  I'm wearing them and so are my girls.

    Luckily, all my girls agreed!!

    Sheplers is where I am directing them for brown boots if they don't already have them.  $59 bucks.  I'm willing to pay for half, esp since their dresses aren't going to cost a lot.

    I'd also look into the cute comfortable flats (usually around $10) to buy for them for the reception if they want to change.
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