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What do you think of bubble veils?

I've had the dress for months now, but I'm stuck on the veil. Initially I didn't want to wear one, but the look isn't complete without a veil - but which type should I go with??? The dress is mermaid, corset, beaded, champagne colored, and very fitted. I'm wearing my hair down and long. I want elbow length for sure. Since I am very thin, I like the idea of adding depth with a bubble veil. I'm just not sure how it looks with long hair... thoughts?

Re: What do you think of bubble veils?

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    Making mine! I'm using 2 layers of plain tulle and 1 layer of dot mesh sandwiched- LOVE it! (But my dress has no beads/ lace so I can get away with a giant, busy veil lol) I'm wearing my hair long/ down as well, and I'm making my veil a little shorter- it's turned out super poufy, I'm so happy with it!

    If your dress is busy with the beading, I'd go for just a plain tulle bubble veil- but srsly, bubble veils are awesome! It's just that not many have the guts to wear them lol
    Steph and Chris, 6/26/10
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    Okay so I have researched veils and never came across a bubble one do you have any photos
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    I am along the same lines. I have a ivory colored dress and wearing my long hair down. I was thinking of a bubble veil also, but am having a hard time finding one. They are not very common. Have you found some online? Or how do you go about making your own?
    I say go for it!
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    I hate bubble veils with a passion...but you should wear what you want and what you feel good in!  I like veils without volume--classic and chic.
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    are bubble veils coming back? I think to keep it moder the silhouette of the gown should be slim so a sheath or mermaid style would be fine.
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    My friend wore one to her wedding.  They're gorgeous.. it's so classic bridal!
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