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We're having a beach wedding, so obviously, a tux would be 1) too dressy and 2) way to hot... any ideas? Also, any websites or locations we could go for attire? thank you!!!

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    Ignorance is a poor defense. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    If heat is an issue, I've seen many beach weddings with just khakis or white linen pants on bottom and a short or folded sleeves button up shirt on top...or a lighter colored khaki or grey suit would also work
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    I am using pants from Tommy Bahama and one of their button down shirts. They look really nice, are comfortable and light for the guys.
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    I like when a beach wedding really goes for a beach look, khakis and one of the long sleeve white linen shirts worn untucked.  It looks like a handsome man on the beach waiting for you...I love this look
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    The guys in my sister's beach wedding wore khaki linen pants and white linen shirts. The groom wore a blue linen shirt to stand out.
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