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inweddingdress bridesmaid dresses!!!!

I used inweddingdress for my bridesmaid dresses. Everything was super easy and smooth. I have nine bridesmaids who live all over the place so I thought ordering online would make it easy. I had the girls try on their impression bridesmaid dresses at whatever local salon carried the line (so they would know which dress to choose and what it would look like in person) and then they placed their order through inweddingdress. The representative was super friendly and helpful. I called first and gave them all my bridesmaids names and what dresses they would be ordering and then each girl called and was able to give their sizes and pay separately. All of the dresses were shipped to me so that shipping would be cheap for the girls.

The prices on the dresses were at least 30% lower than any salon that carried them. The dresses arrived to me a few days earlier than expected (with just the standard shipping option). The color is perfect! exactly like it was when I saw the dresses in a salon. I have absolutely no complaints about my experience.

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