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convertible top bridesmaid dress?!?

Does anyone know a good place with a low price to buy these dresses? I have seen the convertible top bridesmaid dress on a lot of the wedding shows lately and I LOVE them but I don't really know where to look for them.
Any thoughts?

Re: convertible top bridesmaid dress?!?

  • Do they have them in their store because I've never seen them on their website or anything?
  • I found some on this website but I want my bridesmaids to try them on 1st.
  • People ask a lot about these dresses.  I have two of them (Butter by Nadia and Tart), and you really can't wear a bra with them.  Also, the jersey ones can be unforgiving.  They work well for me, but I know others who don't love them (like Opal).  Just an FYI.
  • Dessy makes one called the Twist Wrap Dress......most bridal shops that carry Dessy bridesmaid dresses should carry it for you to try on. And I highly recommend having your BM try it on first. I had my heart set on using this style of dress, but after having everyone try it on, decided against it. It really wasn't that flattering on everyone, especially the girls who were larger chested and heavier. Its a really cool concept, but definitely is not for everyone.

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  • I had my heart set on them as well.  I heard too many negative reviews about them, though.  Also, I have one plus-sized girl in my BP and, even with a matching bandeu (sp?) they do not look good on big girls.

    I had contacted a few sellers on and had some fabric samples sent and I just thought the fabric they used look cheap and unforgiving.  I'm not sure what fabric the other places suggested use, though.
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