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Did anyone have a "nacho" bustle? PIP

I am looking at different bustle styles for my dress. I do not like most as they make it all poofy. I found what is known as the "nacho" bustle. Basically your train is flipped up on the inside so it looks like you have a ballgown and there never was a train. Has anyone had this done? How much did it cost? Did the part of your train that is now the bottom hem get really dirty? I love the look of this bustle just wondering if anyone has experience with it....(found these pictures online that illustrate how it is done and what the end result looks like)

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Re: Did anyone have a "nacho" bustle? PIP

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    I wanted to do that, but the lady altering my dress said it looks way better bustled on top. When she held it up it did look better than pinning it underneath
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    I think with the example it looks good, but it depends on your dress. I have a very poofy dress with a lot of tulle and such and when the lady at the store held it up to see the bustle on top it looked great.
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    I had that bustle style and loved it.  I had slim a-line with a shorter train with a lot of beading that would have hidden by a more traditional bustle.  I had 9 tie points and she charged $10 per point.  She called it a ballroom bustle.  Bottom of the dress stayed clean and I was able to dance all night (including a lot of ballroom dancing where I was stepping backwards all the time).  I loved that it kept the lines of the dress clean and simple and it didn't look like it was bustled.
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