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Budget-conscious Bride doesn't see why she should spend lots on a dress

I am very conscious about my budget.  My parents are paying for the wedding, but I really think it's silly and too extravagant to spend so much money on any ONE thing (other than the food and venue, which is all-in-one).  My dress budget was originally under $1000.  But family convinced me it's worth spending about $2000. 

I was searching for a simple, elegant dress... and couldn't find one.  They were all very "pretty dresses", but none that made me feel like a BRIDE... I didn't get emotional... (and I'm a pretty emotional person). 

Until... my MOH (and cousin) found it... THE DRESS!  It is exquisite, elegant, a little detailing and best of all, makes me feel incredible... I see myself walking down the isle to my finace, I feel pretty, I LOVE IT.

Only problem.... it's $3400... with a discount from the salon, it comes to a little under $3000.

Is it REALLY necessary to spend this much money on a dress I'll wear ONCE??!?  Why do we say, oh, but I deserve to look great on my (*Shouldn't it be "OUR") wedding day?

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