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Where to buy beaded lace to add to my gown

hey all, after putting money down on a beautiful dress I started to immediately have buyer's remorse. I have since tried it on again and still love it but want to add some beaded lace to the bottom for some more sparkle. Where should I look for bridal quality lace?

Re: Where to buy beaded lace to add to my gown

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    I would post this on your local board, so people can recommend local fabric stores. Just a heads-up: beaded lace can get quite pricey.
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    It's a wholesaler on 6th Avenue, around 38th Street in NYC.  They usually have samples on their site or you can find what you want locally and buy it through M&J.
    Their prices are quite reasonable and quality excellent
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    Your post indicates you want to add the beaded lace to the bottom. Do you mean the hem? Or, the bottom of the bodice?

    I agree with cqbride, check your local board for advice on a local store that sells bridal quality lace & trims. It can also be pricey, which is why I asked if you meant to add it to the bottom (hem) of your dress.........all the way around would be REALLY pricey.

    This is a local store that has a lot of bridal lace & trims. In person it is fantastic and I think they have a larger selection, but they've just started selling online

    There is also

    Another option, if you are at ALL crafty, would be to buy plain lace trim and simply attach pearls, beads or sequins yourself. When you buy the lace pre-beaded, it is the reason it costs so much. I've used Aleen's Ticky Tack glue to attach pearls, crystal beads & sequins to just about everything, including plain lace clothing. You have to place something like waxed paper underneath the item you are gluing to, and use tweezers and toothpicks to get it "just so". It is time consuming, but if you have more time than money, it's a good way to get what you want.

    Alencon lace, or the "bumpy lace" that has a scalloped edge to it is ideal for adding beads to, but again, not cheap. Also check a local Michael's or Joann's that sells fabrics and trims near you to see if you can find what you want.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have posted on my local board also. I am looking for sections of the hem to be scalloped with lace. I LOVE the idea of beading it myself and since I have a New England winter to get through, I now have a project! Thanks!
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