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Shuttle Service/Hotels for NH wedding

Hi everyone,

My wedding is next Sept, 2012.

Is anyone doing a shuttle for their guests?  I'm getting married at my reception venue...but you can't sleep there. So I'm looking into hotels near by (one is 8 minutes, the other 13) .  I would need to shuttle them from the the venue and then from the venue back to the hotel.

I'm also looking into limos for me and my bridal party..and then for my fiance and his groomsmen(with the idea of getting ready at the hotel)..I'm having 150 how do you figure out who is staying over...I'm no where close to sending out invitations because it's a year away..but feel I need to reserve the shuttle.

AKA I'm freaking out and rambling....

Please let me know if you've been there and done that or if you have any advice in general.

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Re: Shuttle Service/Hotels for NH wedding

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    I would think the guests would be able to get themselves to and from your venue. I don't know that you'd need to provide a shuttle.

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    How many rooms are you planning on blocking? I would base it on that. Then I think some hotels offer a free shuttle.

    My reception will be at the bedford village inn, they have 11 rooms there, but they told me if I need more rooms that they work with a few of the area hotels and they will give a discount for booking a block of rooms, as well as a free shuttle.

    Maybe start by asking your venue if they work with any of the area hotels. You might be able to get a better deal that way.
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  • dls.1215dls.1215 member
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    There are serveral hotels in NH that will give you a free shuttle or a discount if you block off rooms with them, though many won't block rooms this far in advance.  Definitely something to look into though!
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  • mariegramariegra member
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    We had our wedding an hour away from where we live on 9/3/11.  The wedding and reception were at the same site also.  The girls got ready at the venue and the guys got ready at the hotel.  We also had many out of town guests.

    We blocked 20 rooms, (all were used), at a nearby hotel.  Working with the hotel contact, we were able to get the list of names of who would be at the hotel.  I kept a spreadsheet with a headcount of who would be riding on which shuttle, (since we had two different ones).

    When we sent out invitations, (8 weeks before the wedding), they were pocket folds (, and two of the pocket cards were about the shuttle that described the shuttle service options and the other that was to be returned along with the RSVP card to reserve seats for one of the shuttles. 

    We also used a limo service to drop off the bridal party at the venue and then continue on to the hotel to pick up the groomsmen and bring them back to the venue.  Here's how the invites looked, (info cards in the pocket on the right side).

    Detail on the two shuttle-related cards

    We used Thomas Charters (Keene/Swanzey) for our two guest shuttles and L.A. Limousine (Wilton) for transporting the bridal and grooms parties.  The larger shuttle seated 31-passengers and the smaller one seated 13-passengers.  Both had leather chairs, LCD-TVs, etc.  We had the DVD "Wedding Crashers" played during the hour-long drive on the shuttle from Nashua to Jaffrey and then on the return trip.  The feedback that we received about the guest shuttles was great.
    Photos of the guest shuttles/limo are in my planning bio, (link near siggy pic).  PM me if you need more information--and best wishes!

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    I've been to a couple of weddings that had shuttles available.  One couple utilized the hotel's shuttle, so we were able to go back and forth in shift (with a couple of vans), and it was fine.  One couple rented school buses to shuttle people back and forth.  

    I think this one is about knowing your guests.  For us, this wouldn't have made too much sense, as we didn't have many young people or people who would have no DD available, so I wouldn't have done this if we weren't already at the hotel for the reception.  If you feel that your crowd would definitely 'use' it/need it, then it makes sense, and is appreciated.  Also, it might help you feel better about your guests' safety! 

    Ultimately, your guests are adults, and I'm sure they can arrange for their own rides if needed. :) 
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    There are many types of shuttling, it all depends on how many guest, how far is the travel, is the ceremony and reception at different locations. Most coach bus can cost $800 up for a 6 hour package, school buses can cost $300 to $600. again it all depends on your needs. You are welcome to email me for more details if you would like. sweetjazz27 at yahoo dot com
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