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David's BM dress order time?

When I was ordering my dress from David's Bridal, the consultant said BM dresses can take 16 weeks to come in. I've read here over and over that consultants are always pushing NOW NOW NOW so they can get their commission, saying dresses take forever to come in.

Now, we're going BM dress shopping at the end of the month, and a 16 week turn around is going to put us at two weeks before my wedding, IF everyone orders that day.

So, has anyone ordered BM dresses from David's? How long did it take for them to come in?
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Re: David's BM dress order time?

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    Mine was estimated at 6 weeks and came in 2. Pretty much the same for the bridesmaids who ordered from DB.
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    When I ordered mine a few years ago for my friends wedding it took about 8-10 weeks.  The only thing I needed altered was the length (I'm short).
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    Not sure about bm dresses, but they told me my dress (special order, petite) would take 3 months, it took 2 weeks. They are a bit worried about commission. I mean, what if you came in the next day and ordered 8 dresses from another consultant? That's a big chunk of commission gone. Good luck!

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    It depends on the color and dress but yes they do tell you much longer than it actually does.  the first girl that helped us told us 4 months then the next 3 months, then the next two months.  My BM that ordered first, they said 8 weeks, it arrived in 3.
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    Ugh, I would hate for your dresses to be that close to the date, but hear me out.
    I picked the dresses back in September. My bridesmaids (2) took forever to go try them on. Finally the day before Thanksgiving my MOH ordered hers, she was told three months. The dress arrived on Dec. 22, basically one month later. Today I find out the dress is now half (half!!!!!) of what she paid, but they only price adjust after 14 days of the of course, they want you to order right there and then.
    I ended up buying my dress somewhere else, but I really have nothing but great things to say about David's Bridal, the dresses, and the consultant. Is just this bridesmaids thing pissed me off a bit....
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    One of my attendants ordered her dress at the end of October and it arrived mid-December.  Another attendant ordered hers Thanksgiving weekend and it arrived just after Christmas.  A third attendant's dress was available for immediate purchase.  I highly doubt it is going to take 16 weeks.  However, it can't hurt to order about three months ahead of time if possible so there will be time to fix any problems (i.e. if the wrong size comes in) and to have alterations done.

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    I was also peeved with DB..went in with one bridesmaid week bfore thanksgiving because she would be out of stateduring December..they told us we had to order NOW because it would take 3months for it to come I got really nervous a rushed my other BM's to get their dresses...the first dress came iin 2 weeks..I was SO pissed it was unreal...i just rushed everyone in to spend $150 before christmas on a dress that would hang in their closet for 5-6 months...if I wouldve known this was just as tactic I wouldve waited until Jan/Feb to get my BM dresses.and when I called DB to chew them out..they said if the warehouse has the size and color its shipped right away, but the date given is the furthest possible case they dont have it in stock....
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    I feel your pain!

    When I first went in to DB, they told me to open them my October 2011 when my wedding is in June 2012.  The second time, they said in January 2012.  I went to a manager and asked when is a realistic time to order the dresses because I was getting sick of everyone telling me something different.  The manager told me the last possible day would be St. Patrick's Day.  I just got a phone call 2 weeks ago saying all my bridesmaids dresses need to be ordered by V-day.  I am making sure my girls order by V-day.  I am really sick of getting a different answer every time I talk to the consaultants.
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