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Colors - I can't make up my mind...

I guess I'm on decision making overload but I cant seem to make up my mind about colors. My wedding is on Oct 16. Any suggestions?

Re: Colors - I can't make up my mind...

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    My wedding is in October and I'm thinking about doing a Champagne/Mocha/Gold-ish Tan bridesmaids dress with deep red flowers and chocolate brown accents.  My gown is an ivory/light gold as well.
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    What's your favorite color?

    I started there and worked from that point. My favorite color is blue, so originally I decided on a yellow and navy color palate. I ended up changing it to gold, plum and navy because it fit the venue and the "feel" of the wedding better. I didn't even consider the season, but my wedding is October 10th.

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    We are having a September wedding and we are pretty much using brown and jewel tones. There are so many beautiful color schemes to choose from you would really need a jumping off point.

    Maybe if you think of one thing that you know you love (maybe certain colors for flowers or bm dresses) then that can be a jumping off point..


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    It also depends on how much DIY you plan to do. If you're doing a lot yourself, various seasonal items and color schemes will be available at different times. We're doing a lot now for our April wedding and I'm not really a fan of the Easter pastels, but I am also finding a lot of nice, richer colors for our blue/green/ivory wedding. And definitely look at your venues for inspiration.
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    I think it's important ot pick a few colors you and your fiance both can agree on.  But, just as important - what will go with your venue? There's nothing worse than a bride choosing a color that clashes with the venue.  You need to work with the space you have. 
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