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What if MOG dress clashes?

My future mother in law picked a dress color (grey) that might clash with the wedding scheme (yellow and brown).  The groom and groomsmen are wearing brown, I'm wearing champagne, and the bridesmaids are wearing yellow.  My mom is wearing a rust color dress.  Should the dads be in a different color suit? Black perhaps?  I actually love her dress and wouldn't want her to have to change it, the dad's are easier to change.  Any input??

Re: What if MOG dress clashes?

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    I don't think it's possible for grey to clash with anything. It'll be fine. :) I think the dads can pretty much wear whatever they want, but you might want to make sure your dad coordinates with you (and the flowers, etc) if he's walking you down the aisle.
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    Grey does not clash with your colors--and even if it did, your FMIL is not a member of the wedding  party to match with the colors.  She's fine. 

    The dads can also wear whatever they want.  If you're going with tuxes for them, I think either brown or black (with a preference for black, only because I don't like brown tuxes) is fine.
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    I really don't think it's necessary to coordinate her dress with anyone else's attire. If it truly bothers you, I think black tuxes would go better though. Besides, I have seen some awesome black, white, and yellow weddings. I love the combination.
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    I think whatever the parents wear is fine as long is it's not something like bright red or fuschia when you are having a muted color scheme.
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