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Sizing issues with a corset dress

So I found my dress!!!! Yay!! 

Now, I am having issues with the dress size. The dress is a corsetted mermaid. I am a very petite person weighing about 108lbs.  When measured, my bust was much smaller than a 2, my waist was just smaller than a 6 and the hips were between a 2 and 4 according to the size chart. They said I should order the 6 since my waist was bigger than the 4.  My problem is that would be 3-4in to big in the bust and 2 inches big in the hips to be just slightly to big in the waist. I think I should order the 4 which seems to match my measurements better other than the waist. But its a corset, can't I just leave it a little loose? 
Also, I am planning on losing a little bit of weight.  I am about 5lbs heavy for myself (school pressure stress eating) but I work out regularly and 5lbs is nothing to lose. So I guess, I am curious what others think. My family thinks I should order the 4.
 I think the corest could accomodate a 1/2-3/4in difference if I don't lose any weight. Any thoughts?
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