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First time trying on dresses, feeling anxious!

Hi ladies!!

So.... I've put it off long enough, it's time to go try on wedding dresses for the first time (well second).  I was engaged once before and tried on dresses once with my mom on a whim years ago, no appointment... just a spontaneous walk-in.  CLEARLY I wasn't really feeling it that time, as the relationship eventually ended.  THIS time, it's the real deal and I'm so anxious!  Anxious for many reasons:

*Will I be able to find a dress within my budget?  $600 or less

*Will I feel comfortable?  Not typically a dress gal

*Will I walk away feelin rejected & self-consious about my body?  I hate my arms and sleeves don't always leave the 80's behind

I made an appointment for noon on Sunday... and I'm trying to keep an open, positive mind!  My mom is coming with me... she asked if I want to invite my FMIL along.  I don't know!!  Part of me thinks, yes make it special, I'm sure she'd love to be there.  The other part of me thinks... keep it low key as to reduce the added pressure brought by a "crowd".  


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