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Dress shopping

I went to Marry & Tux yesterday alone and had a blast, I can't wait to bring my mom and show her the dress that I think is the one! It's starting to feel real now, I can't wait to go look at reception sites next week :) Any good/bad reviews on sky meadow country club or harris pelham inn anyone?

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    I went to a wedding at Sky Meadow a few years ago. It was nice! Only thing I didnt like was that if you are having your ceremony there, there is not room for your guests to sit, only a few close family members.

    As for the Pelham Inn, my cousin went and looked at it when she was searching for venues and did not like it at all. Not sure why but she actually said she walked in and new immediately that she didn't want to have her wedding there...

    So between the two... Sky Meadows it is!

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    Well, I went to sky meadow today and have an appointment with pelham inn tuesday.. but so far, im in loooove with sky meadow. during the off season, they let you use the WHOLE place. There's tons of room that way, the ballroom is huge.. but thanks for the imput about pelham inn, ive heard that it wasn't very impressing when you walk in also :/ but its worth a shot!
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