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Dress shopping - what to wear

So what did you guys wear, as in undergarments? I'm not normally a "full coverage" underwear kind of girl. Is it inappropriate to wear a thong? The closest dress store is 3 hours away (we're going tomorrow) and I can't imagine spending the entire day picking bikini underwear out of my butt. Then again, I don't want to show up in my usual underwear and offend my consultant. 

I didn't bother getting any sort of special spanx or bra because I didn't want to buy something that may not work with the dress I choose.

Re: Dress shopping - what to wear

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    I wore more modest undies, and the store supplied what ever bra or slip I needed for each dress.

    I'm sure the consultant has seen it all!  Mine told me she's had comando and granny panties all in a day!

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    Ditto PP. Wear something you don't mind being seen in.

    It was particularly strange for me. I can be very standoffish with people, and I like my personal space. This woman was in the room with me while I undressed, she put dresses on me, took them off me, stayed while I was getting dressed again to pack dresses back in bags.

    I think I just wore a normal bra and modest underwear... she didn't advise me to change bra or take it off, but then, I'm a G cup. These puppies can be hard to wrangle.

    And... forgive my ignorance. How is wearing a thong different from picking bikini bottoms out of your butt all day? ;)
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    You can wear a thong if you want to and don't care about a fitter potentially seeing your buttcheeks, they don't care - I'm sure they've seen it all before.

    I wore bikini full coverage undies and a strapless bra I already owned.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Dress shopping - what to wear</a>:
    [QUOTE]And... forgive my ignorance. How is wearing a thong different from picking bikini bottoms out of your butt all day? ;)
    Posted by Amt2109[/QUOTE]

    <div>lol....thongs are just a thin bit of material where as full coverage underwear has a ton of material shoved up there...haha. </div><div>
    </div><div>Thanks ladies! Who would have thought I'd find it this difficult to go try on</div>
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    Definitely wear modest underwear. If you were a bridal consultant, would you really want to have to see other people's naked asses all day long?

    Also bring a hair tie, a bottle of water and a small snack. You will get really hot trying on dresses. I was sweating like a pig by number 7. It was gross.
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    I wore regular bikini or hipster type panties like I usually do and brought my own strapless bra.  The consultants really didn't see that much of me because I put the dress on and stepped out and all they did was help clip or lace up the gown in the back if needed to give a better idea of how it would fit.
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    I don't think it makes a huge difference(although I did opt for more modest undies).  Just make sure that they are a light color: white or nude.  The first two places I went had me put on an underskirt anyways so they didn't really have to see my undies.
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    Wear what you are comfortable with, but I would recommend wearing something nude-colored. The first time I went dress shopping, I had on bright green panties that showed through in some of the dresses. It does effect the image you get when you are trying to make what is possibly already a stressful decision.

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    wear what you be comfortable wearing in front of someone you don't know
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    I have a go-to pair of nude, Body by Victoria underwear I will be wearing when I go dress shopping. It lays so flat on my body, there aren't any places it pinches in, so I won't be fighting imaginary rolls. It's what I wear under all my fancy dresses for concerts and special occations. But my butt cheeks do kind of hang out the back a little. But as another poster said, I'm sure the consultants have seen it all, so all that really matters is that you're comfortable.
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