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Which sash to choose?? PIP

Ok so when I purchased my dress back in March I ordered a plain ivory sash to match because I thought it needed just a little something. the dress is very detailed and I thought it needed a sash but didnt want anything to blingy that would make it too much.

So when I got the call that my dress was ready I made an appointment to go in and try it on. Last night when I got there the consultant told me that my sash was held up in customs (no big deal as my wedding is not until next September) she said she would grab the sash off of the mannequin so that I could try it on with my dress. When she returned it was a gorgeous but different sash blush colored with 3 flowers. I explained to her the sash i ordered was a plain ivory one and she went to check my file.

Turns out I was the first bride to order this dress after they received it and as this is an exclusive designer who does not advertise the bridal shop did not know that a sash was included until they received it in their store (after I had already purchased the dress) so now I have two sashes (both of which I LOVE) and dont know which to choose!

Which do you like better? I am sooo torn!

Sample dress with ivory sash from original try on:

My dress with blush sash:

Up close of dress detail:

Up close of blush sash:

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