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Dress 101 for newbie - where to start & preowned?

Hi all,

I just got engaged and I excited to start looking for a dress but I have no idea where to start, where do I go? What I need to tell them?
What about preowned dresses? I dont mind wearing a used dress, esp since we have a very small budget. Any thoughts on that?


Re: Dress 101 for newbie - where to start & preowned?

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    I would go out and start trying things on, to see what you like and what looks good on you. Just let them know that it's your first time shopping, and they'll do the rest. Advise them of your budget so you don't fall for something outside your price range.

    Preowned dresses are a great way to save money--my own gown was a sample from a store that sells nothing but designer samples. Buying a dress over the internet without trying it on can be risky, but in many cases you can find a sample of the same dress to try on, or at least a similar silhouette. My favorite sites for preowned and sample gowns:
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    Ditto opalsky. You should also check around in the area you live in, oftentimes you can either buy a sample gown or find a shop that sells them used. You may search online and also ask this on your local board.

    You could also start looking at some books and magazines to see the different styles/types of gowns. But I agree that the best way to tell is to try them on and see how they look on you. Good luck and have fun!
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    Also try and from there go to your local page and believe me there are alot of girls that have dresses that are in great condition for super, super cheap. I saw one on my local page last week that I looked it up and it was a $3,000 dress and she was selling it for $300
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    ROTB= Running of the Brides.

    Also, if there is not a Running held in your area, you could try looking for a Brides vs. Breast Cancer sale. The gowns at those sales are donated by brides, and the money goes to cancer research. The pace is much more laid back than at the Running of the Brides, but you can still score sweet deals.
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    You could check sample sales too. I am a size 4 in regular clothes, and I found a size 8 sample jasmine that I had altered to fit. My dress was 250$! I was expecting to buy a used dress, but this was actually cheaper for me.
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    Hello, I have been trying to sell a dress that is a size 6. It is a Maggie Sottero, Grace Kelly wedding gown that is new with tags . There is nothing wrong with the dress I just bought it for a wedding a few years ago that was called off. I have been asking 800 obo, since that is what I paid for it. I hope this helps. If you want more info or want to see pictures, send me an E-mail at
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