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Bridesmaid Shoes


My wedding colors are a deep red and shades of gray/silver. My girls are wearing charcoal gray dresses and want to wear red shoes.

3 of my 4 bridesmaids are on the taller side. One is 6ft and two are right around
5'8/5'9. My 4th bridesmaid is a tiny little thing. About 5'1/5'2. My dilemma is that the shorter one wants to wear a high heel, and the other three want a heel of some sort, but not high.

I want to make all of them happy and I thought doing a silver shoe and allowing them to pick their own might be the way to go. But once they all decided on red shoes, I think I need to pick the shoe since you can get so many variations on red. Should I pick a red shoe for them all, or let them pick what they want, or even go to a place that dyes shoes and let them pick the shoe, but all use the same color dye?

This is something that I feel should be so simple, but i've been wracking my brain over it!
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