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Back again :)....What's your opinion?

Hey there! I posted this yesterday for a few minutes until I realized that I need to create another account without my whole name on here for my username.

I just bought my dress :D.....DON'T worry, I'm not changing my mind no matter what cause the dress I picked is perfect and less than my other favorite. I'm just curious as to what you guys think as far as which one looks better on me :). Thank you all ahead of time!

Dress #1-VERY pretty embroidery throughout the whole dress with crystal beading and crystals with a "waterfall" skirt.

Dress #2- Crystals on the bodice only, very pretty with pick up style skirt.

Thanks again and don't worry, I'm not changing my mind on the one I picked :).

Re: Back again :)....What's your opinion?

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