December 2012 Weddings

Weekday weddings? What do you ladies think?

My FH picked the date 12-12-12 because, as he put it, "No one will be able to do something like this for another HUNDRED YEARS." And I saw his point, so I said yes! It's unique, and no one will be able to do it for a hundred years (until January 1, 2101) and I think it will make our big day that much more special.

 I've started planning and have a few things done, but now there's an issue that's coming up that makes me nervous.. our big day will be on a wednesday.
 We want a candlelight ceremony and our venue is at a local state park to be held outside around dusk/sundown, which is typically 5:30 during that time of the year, so we're planning on having our ceremony begin at 4:30 in hopes that we'll be saying "I do" when the sun is setting, surrounded by candlelight. When I picture it, it seems absolutely beautiful.

 My worry is, however, that some of our guests will not be able to attend because most of his family and friends live and work almost an hour away. I don't want anyone to miss this moment with  my FH and I, but he has his heart set on the date and has told me numerous times that he only cares if I show up.
 As sweet as he is, I don't want him to regret choosing this date if it means his family will miss our big day. I've thought about asking him if we can have the reception the following Friday or Saturday night, and have our immediate family at the wedding ceremony on Wednesday, which seems much more feasible for everyone to come and celebrate with us, that way, we can still have a unique anniversary like he wants. 

I have a little bit of time to figure this out, but I want to make a decision as soon as possible because our venue books 11 months in advance and FH and I are planning on going to reserve it on January 1, 2012. 

Do you think the Wednesday night reception will be a flop, or am I just over-thinking my situation? 
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