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F/U: Contractions

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say Thank you again for your T&Ps.  Doc said everything is fine - I haven't started dialating, and babies are still up where they belong.  I'm taking a week off of work to rest, until my next doc's appt, which is Weds.  More than likely, I'll start taking 2 days a week of leave, since I don't really have anything to do during the week, anyway (basically cutting down to part time).  That will give me 4 days off in a row to rest, and then I'll work Trooper the other 3 days at the cruise ship, so he'll still be in "use." 

So, I won't officially be on "bed rest" but I will be resting more than normal, and hopefully that will carry me through until the end. 

Thank you again!
Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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