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Woe is me. (snow related)

So when we bought our house a year and a half ago we did some major renovations.  One being our basement.  The sellers lied to us and said they never got water.  First big rainstorm, flooded basement.  After a few grand to fix that problem, we thought our days of dealing with water problems were over.

Fast forward to this morning.  Im sitting on my couch drinking my coffee and hear this drip noise.  I go to my front window (its a big 3 bay window), pull up the shade and find a huge puddle of water.  Awesome.  My effing house is leaking.  I know its from too much snow on the roof etc, but I have been trying to find a roof rake for the past week and since we got a ton of snow, everywhere is sold out.

The roof in my breezeway between my house and garage also has way too much snow on it right now.

Anyone else have any snow related (or weather related) damage from all this garbage we keep getting hit with?
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