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Renaissance Festivals

It's about time for the AZ RenFest to open and to be honest... I am stoked.  The RenFest here is kind of a big deal.  A lot of schools make field trips out of it, and Scott and I go every year to see the same 3 or 4 shows that each recycle the same 1 or 2 scripts.  But it's awesome.

I always look forward to the incredibly delicious pizza.  I can't eat the giant turkey (emu?!) legs.  Gross.

So, do you have a local Renaissance Festival?  Is it big and awesome, small and kind of pathetic, some sort of combination?  If you go/have gone, do you/did you dress up?  Should I continue to flaunt my nerdy love or should I start blaming my attendance on my brother being a performer?

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