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Snarky Brides

Venue disappointment...

I'm not sure where else to put this, but I just wanted to let it off my chest that I'm really bummed about the venue FI and I had decided we wanted.
It's perfect for us, our personalities, and our ideas for the wedding... plus, it is the only place we've found thus far that is suitable for 150-175 for an indoor ceremony (non-denom) AND reception.

 2012 prices are not yet available, but during our visit/tour/consultation, our consultant told us they would not be more than 5% higher than the 2011 prices. We priced everything out with the prices given to us in our packets from the consultation, and though it is a bit of a stretch from what was originally planned, we figured we could/would cut in other areas to make it work.

The problem? Our packets contained the 2010 pricing, NOT the 2011 pricing. The 2011 pricing is 5% higher than 2010's, which means we may be looking at 10% higher prices than what we were given in that meeting and that is completely outside of the budget, especially considering we've already agreed to move the wedding from Saturday to Friday to save money.

Completely bummed out right now :( We're going to see another place this evening which is supposed to be very nice, and I know the actual day will be what we make of it - not what the venue is. But I still can't help but feel disappointed.

Thanks for letting me vent a little...

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