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Moving the wedding? f/u car accident

So I was in a pretty bad car accident on Thursday morning, I was rearended on the highway when stopped for an accident by someone going 100 kms n hour (just over 60 in us speak)
I was taken to the hospital but released later that day.
Yesterday I went to see a doctor..He didn't have good news. He told me with the severity of the whiplast and bruising he doesn't expect me to be recovered for 24 weeks.
They have already started the process to put me on short term disability (which only pays 55% of my wages) I know the other insurance company has to pay the rest but who knows how long that could take?
I don't think I can pay for a wedding on 55% of my wages, also my wedding is in 28 weeks and I am expected to "recover" in around 24 weeks (although the doctor said I am young so I may surprise him).
Should i move my wedding? I have picked alot of monogramed date stuff but tbh I don't know how much planning I can do if I am in alot of pain and stuff.
Or should I give it a month or two to see how my recovery goes? Right now I am only expected to be off work for around 2-3 weeks but that may change.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense I am on some hefty pain killers and haven/t moved from my bed since yesterday afternoon.
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