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Well, I have been either waiting for the committee or in Committee for this health reform crap since 715 this morning with a few 30 min breaks. The good news is 2/3 amdts are coming up sometime tonight and will pass (very good for me). Bad things...I am having the best hair day in weeks and I can't even enjoy it, and it looks like I will be here until at least midnight and starting again early tomorrow. Thank you AFSB for providing me some laughs now that my bberry is all charged up.

Re: argh!!

  • Jeeeeebus, I do not envy you. :(
    I bet her FUPA's name is Shane, like the gunslinger/drifter of literature.--HappyTummy
  • That sucks eab. How long do you have to keep up those sort of hrs.
  • This week has been rough, but today and tomorrow are the only days I have to sit through committee. Should my stuff not get in August recess will be a lot more stressful than I want it to be. I was literally stopping staff in the hallway stocker style. But hey, that is what I am paid for.
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