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Today's Woot item is an indoor composter, and I'm tempted to get it.  Do any of you compost?  I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a regular outdoor composter, or if this indoor one is better for my lifestyle.  It's just the two of us and we don't really have much in the way of plants.One of the things I've always wondered about compost bins is if they attract a lot of animals.  I can imagine it'd be like a food smorgasbord for racoons or cats (or my piggy dog).
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Re: Composting

  • We have an outdoor one that we made ourselves. It is just a wooden box with a fitted lid with holes in it. If there hasn't been any rain we spray it when we water our garden. We keep a sealed tupperware container indoors that we put food scraps in an empty once a week.With the top on the outdoors one animals never get in.
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  • I don't but H's grandparents do.  They get a ton of animals feeding off it!  They've had foxes and even bears.  They are however in the country so I don't know if Portland has a large bear population but I imagine the raccoons and cats would make your home their new home.
  • We have one (outdoor) and the animals don't get into it. The trick is to make sure that is secured to the ground and has a top. Also make sure you stir it up and add in extra filler like grass clippings, leaves or shredded paper. We keep a bin of shredded paper in the garage and add it in right before we mix it up (we mix it every time we add scraps).The indoor one's are okay too. I had one when I was in university (part of a research project I was leading). The one I had was a vermicomposter (worms). If you covered the food (so mix it up) daily it didn't stink and the worms stayed happy.If I had the choice between an indoor one and an outdoor one I would do an outdoor one. If you don't need all the compost that it would make you could always give it away to neighbours or on craigslist.
  • I would think even an outdoor compost bin would stink.  Am I wrong here?
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    My parents have an outdoor compost pile that is not covered in any way.  It's just a big pile of soil that they turn over to work the scraps in.  I don't think they've had a problem with animals, and it doesn't smell.
  • If you keep mixing it and cover the scraps you put into it (by mixing or adding filler) it doesn't stink at all.
  • This one does it automatically AND has an air filter, so I imagine the stank to be minimal. 
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  • I just checked out woot and I have seen this one before and heard good things about it (and other similar models). BUT there is no way I would pay that kind of money for a composter.
  • Our neighbors have the outdoor one from Metro and I haven't seen any animals get into it or noticed a smell. It also doesn't seem like they need to mess with it often. Plus I think the one from Metro is like $45.

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  • We have an outdoor one.  We add yard clippings and empty our shredder scraps into it from time to time.  I keep a crock jar on the counter for cooking scraps.  It has a charcoal filter in the lid so it doesn't stick, and Arthur empties it when it's full, usually once a week.  The filter on needs to be replaced every few months.
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