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This evening I will have pictures of our house, because we are getting the home inspection done tonight.  I have a list of some questions I want to make sure are answered, but if you feel like giving me some more I would be much obliged. 

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  • What kind of inspector do you have? When I had mine done, I had a structural and electrical engineer and I felt really confident that they would get everything. They cost a couple of hundred more than just a home inspection firm, but I felt it was worth it. Houston has major settling problems.
  • I don't have any suggestions, but I just wanted to say congratulations!I missed that you signed a contract.  Good luck with the inspection.
  • OH! so exciting! gosh, inspection questions...I think they come naturally when you go through it. Be sure to bring a pen and paper WITH you though, because I know I took a lot of notes during mine on things I wanted to ask my dad about.
  • This guy is supposedly thorough to the point of being annoying (he spent 5 hours on my friends Townhome), but that is what I want.  With my dad being in Canada, it is hard.  Our realtor is also a builder and a very handy man, and they know we are not so I want to know everything--door squeaking, floors uneven, etc.  This is where I can let my true inner pickiness come out.  I am very skeered, but excited!
  • so exciting, good luck!  I hope anything found in the house is easy and/or cosmetic.
  • Hope the report comes back glowing! 
  • It sounds like you have a good team. I had my dad with my at my inspection, so I can udnerstand wanting him there. For me, and most people I am sure, your biggest issues are foundation, roof, electrical and plumbing. All of the smaller things are things you can negotiate little things for, but those are bigger issues that require serious examining.Also, when it comes down to it if things come up int he inspection, for me I found it was easier to have to buyer repair the larger more difficult items and for them to give me the cash to repair the smaller issues.
  • I have no helpful suggestions for questions, but good luck! I'm excited for you EAB!


  • I have no advice for the inspection process since I never had one myself.  But I do hope that the inspector finds every teeny tiny little thing and that the only things he finds are teeny tiny and easy to fix.
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  • good luck EAB! 
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  • Thank you!  I hope there is nothing major, but I do agree wit hyou Winged, I would want them to replace them so I do not have to mess with it.  If there is anything majorily wrong and it cannot be fixed, the house is not for us.   I have a firm belief that the house picks us. 
  • I too hope that there is nothing major! good luck!
  • I have a firm belief that the house picks us. Yes, I think this too, EAB.  I literally knew we were buying ours before we had stepped one foot over the threshold; something spoke to me.  Maybe it was the house.  
  • Our inspection guy took pictures of everything. Like roof tiles that were out of place that we probably never would have noticed. We had a 65 page report of everything I could even imagine.
  • You'll sound like a broken record but with everything we asked if it was something we could (easily) fix ourselves, if it would cause damage if not fixed right away and if it could be a sign that something more major was going on.

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