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In a Funk

Hi Ladies,
Originally we were planning on having our wedding at a little white church near FI hometown, and the reception in his parents backyard. They have 10 or so acres, mostly wooded, with a place for a tent overlooking 2 ponds. Sounds great right!... Well we had a budget completely mapped out, started buying things (like wine glasses we found for $1.25 for 12! We bought out the store!) and were feeling good. And then his parents told us we can no longer have the reception at their home!!!
 We are on a really strict budget of $8,000 and it is seeming impossible now! We've now decided to have to wedding in my hometown of St. Cloud, MN, but there is nowhere that gives me that feeling. I can't decide on a church (my priest growing up was transfered so I have no ties there!) and I keep getting in this funk that I just don't want to think about it right now!... what an awful thing to feel about your wedding!!!
Any advice would be great... I just need some motivation to get over it and move on. I just feel right now like anything else besides this vision that I had would be settling. I love my FI with all my heart, and I just want the day to be special and the venue to mean something to us.
Sorry for the sob story, I just figured you ladies are always helpful... maybe I can get some good advice from you all!!
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Re: In a Funk

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    I'm sorry your first choice didn't work out.  :-(  

    Try to keep an open mind about new options, and although this will be difficult, really try hard not to compare every new venue you look at to your original choice.  If you do that, nothing will compare to your first pick, and it will all end up disappointing you.  

    I didn't end up with the first place I had in mind either, which was a bummer for a while.  However, I kept on looking and really opened up to new possibilities.  Now I am so pumped for my venue - it's not something I would have ever thought about before, but I can't wait to get married in it now. 

    Another thing that really helped me was focusing on the fact that as long as my fiance and I were together, getting married, nothing else *really* matters in the long run.  :-)    
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    Is there a large home you could rent out for the day or weekend?  I know a lot of people do that here--just look for a home with a large backyard on a vacation rental site (and obviously check with them to see if it's ok to throw your wedding at their place).  It's usually not too expensive (here anyway..).  That way you can still have your same backyard wedding and hopefully stick within your budget, it would just be in a different backyard. 
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