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Re: No more Jim for you

  • I like Emily Blunt.  There's still plenty o' Jim to go around, especially for this married woman with no weird celebrity delusions.
  • That's not the best picture of her. But Jim is a step up from Michael Buble.
    image Ready to rumble.
  • They seem like a cute couple.  I did not know she had dated Michael Buble previously.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • That is not a flattering photo of her. Good for them
  • She has funky teeth, but I like her.  He's doofusy looking, imo.
  • I like her a lot. She was freaking hilarious in Devil Wears Prada. Good for them.
    I bet her FUPA's name is Shane, like the gunslinger/drifter of literature.--HappyTummy
  • I choose to think that his selection of an Emily was a tribute to me.
  • I think he's adorable in a cute and slightly goofy way.  But one of the sexiest men alive?  Really People?
    3 out of 4 dead babies agree! pepsi is better than coke! - EdithBouvierBeale
    Lordy. Grow some balls and stop lurking. It's like stealing from the internet. Jesuschrist. -- AudreyHorne
    I hate love and marriage. I got married so I could destroy these things from the inside. - NoisyPenguin
    It's a good thing my circle of trust is as giant as my vagina. That only leaves a couple people out. - Cali
  • He is real life cute.  Not celebrity cute.
    "As of page 2 this might be the most boring argument ever. It's making me long for Rape Day." - Mouse
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